The Dangers of Side Projects

I think many content creators will understand where I’m coming from. It starts with some grandiose idea. Maybe I can make something on the side and who knows it might grow into something big. Then there’s the initial burst of energy and effort. Working on a new platform and building up the foundations to make everything perfect. The excitement over this new venture quickly dies out when I realize how much work it would actually require. Like climbing a mountain only to find out that the peak is much further than you originally though. At this point my interest fades until I’m inspired by something else and the whole cycle repeats.

I’m writing this to acknowledge what I’ve been doing in the past and to hopefully motivate myself to change and pursue my interests with more fervor. While it may end up being a waste of time exploring some paths that lead nowhere, it’s better to have traveled them than to not have gone anywhere at all right? #deep

I wonder if anyone else faces the same struggles I do in regards to side projects or if I’m just super lazy.